Magnesium Oxide Feed Grade

STO 06257771-003-2019

магнезия жженая, оксид магния
The importance of minerals, their quantity and quality, as well as the balance between individual substances plays a huge role in the feeding of farm animals.

Magnesium is one of the most important biogenic elements and is found in a significant amount in various tissues of the body.

Magnesium takes part in maintenance of acid-base balance, provides functional ability of neuromuscular apparatus, participates in thermoregulation of body, protein, fat and mineral metabolism of animals.

OKSIHIM offers MgO Feed Grade for livestock breeding and fodder production industries.

Our product is made of natural mineral raw materials, it is highly bioavailable and has optimal content of magnesium.

Feed Grade Magnesium Oxide is environmentally friendly and safe, does not contain heavy metals and other harmful additives.

Our highly effective magnesium feed additive can make you confident in the productivity and health of your animals.

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